Art Souvenir: Edvard Munch


Edvard Munch is the best-known of all Norwegian artists. His art is as alive and significant today as it was in his own time.

In this tastefully designed book we get an insight into his thoughts and an overview of some of the most famous of his stunningly beautiful artworks.

The book contains 42 pictures of Munch’s paintings, lithographies and drawings, and a short introduction to Munch by art historian Holger Koefoed.

Text by: Holger Koefoed (b. 1945) Art Historian with degree from the University of Oslo. He has written books on Norwegian and Nordic History of Art. He has also worked at the Norwegian National Gallery and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, both in Oslo. Currently Associate Professor at the National College of Art and Design, Oslo / Faculty of Visual Arts / Arts & Crafts, Department of Humanities.

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